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Grand Polycoats Co. Pvt Ltd.

Grand Polycoats Co. Pvt Ltd.
Contact Name: Mr. Bharat Chokshi
204, Siddharth Complex
R.C Dutt Road
Alkapuri, Baroda, India

Grand Polycoats was founded by Mr. Bharat Chokshi, a first generation entrepreneur in the year 1980. Grand Polycoats is in the business of manufacturing and marketing of high performance industrial and protective coatings and is considered as a pioneer of polyurethanes in India. It has created a niche in this segment by introducing various kinds of performance and protective coatings based on Polyurethane, Epoxies and Special polymers. It has always remained in line with the technology and therefore has now introduced Polyurea coating technology in India again the first to introduce this revolutionary technology.

Grand Polycoats is in India with its manufacturing facilities in the city of Baroda, Gujarat State and the offices in various cities of India, Dubai-UAE, London-UK, Johanesburg-South Africa and Singapore.

Grand Polycoats also has a manufacturing facility located in New Jersey, United States which is operated under the name American Primers and Polycoats Incorporation. APP is dedicated to manufacturing Polyurea coatings and special primers.

Grand Polycoats is currently focusing on applications of Polyurea for various marine applications like offshore and on shore, some hydropower projects, Bridges and Floor coating applications.

Mr. Bharat Chokshi is a PDA member because, "Polyurea development Association is set up to promote polyurea all across the world and therefore, in order to be supported by this reputable organization in our efforts to promote polyurea as a generic product we are proud to be associated with PDA. "

"When Grand Polycoats executes successfully projects with Polyurea, it will be glad to share its experience with other PDA members which will surely benefit them in promoting and duplicating the similar case studies in there areas. Thus in the process of sharing each others experience Polyurea can be made a product of choice all over the world mainly because of its excellent performance properties."

- Mr. Bharat Chokshi

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