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2008 Olympic Stadiums - Beijing 29th Olympic Games

  • 10/1/2007

Project Description

Point of Interest

  • Primers, sealants, putty, spray polyurea coatings and linings


  • Concrete audience stands coated with grey, green and blue polyurea elastomer at a thickness of 1.5mm (59 mils) for decorative and waterproofing use
  • It is over 200, 000 square meters (2.15 million ft 2 )
  • Designed substrate round corners with a radius of 20 - 30mm (0.8 – 1.2 in)
  • Over 350 tons polyurea was sprayed (~85,700 gallons)

Problems & Challenges

  • Designed round corner on audience stand stairs
  • Anti-yellowing system for long term sunshine exposure

Scope of Work

  • Audience Stand with Grey, blue and green polyurea elastomer applied at 2mm (80 mils). 

Site Challenges & Unforeseen Issues

  • This project took 1.5 years to complete with temperature lower at -20°C (-4°F) and humidity higher than 95%.
  • Concrete surface were very rough and numerous defects. 

Project Status

  • The 29th Beijing Olympic Games was successfully held in these stadiums coated with polyurea elastomer.

  • Client:

    Beijing 29th Olympic Games

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