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Polyaspartic Floor Coating

  • 1/1/2008

Project Description

Ave Maria University, Naples, FL  - Prestigious new Catholic university located in Southwest Florida. 

General Contractor: Suffolk/Kraft, Naples, FL ; Architect: Cannon Design, Grand Island, New York 
Coating Formulator and Supplier: Decosup, Inc., Miami, FL 
Polyaspartic and Aliphatic Isocyanate Material Supplier: Bayer MaterialScience, Pittsburgh, PA 
Owner required decorative concrete upgrades with a durable, fast curing topcoat in high traffic areas. 
Project size and duration: Approximately 70,000 ft² applied over cured concrete.

Grinding and Staining Process:

  • Concrete needed ground, polished, and repaired as per specification
  • Diamond grinder used for large areas prepared the surface to a 100 grit finish 
  • Hand grinders were employed at floor/wall interface for consistency of surface appearance
  • Relief joints were cut and then vacuumed to remove loose debris
  • Prior to staining, the whole floor was power washed with floor scrubber and then hand mopped
  • ChemTone stain applied using simple one component tank sprayer
  • After a predetermined time, the acid stain is removed and the floor is washed and neutralized

Application of Polyaspartic Sealer and Topcoat:

  • Due to time constraints and the desire by the owner for a high-build, light stable topcoat, a polyaspartic based coating was specified
  • Project was bid and Decosup was awarded the project
    • ChemTone concrete acid stain
    • Decoshine polyaspartic sealer/topcoat
  • Additional selling points for the owner were
    • Humidity insensitivity on final properties
    • Zero VOC
    • Self priming eliminates an extra step/coat
    • Ability to be buffed and waxed in the future

Site Challenges & Unforseen Issues:

  • Initial small 5,000 ft² test area – incomplete removal of acid from stain in joints, caused opaque coating on joints.
  • Required development of additional application procedures related to acid removal.
  • Typical South Florida environment meant high humidity and temperatures.
  • Active construction site meant the coating project could not impede worker access for long periods of time.
  • Other trades needed to be able to re-enter the area soon after coating process was finished.

Project Status:

  • Works completed on schedule and with minimal disruption of other services.
  • Client has specified the system in multiple other areas at the facitity.
  • University was opened in 2007 for the first classes and has been holding up beautifully.

  • Client:

    Ave Maria University

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