About Us

Beginning in 2000 the Polyurea Development Association (later shortened to PDA) was the trade association that represented polyurea technology.  Its volunteers worked tirelessly to help explain, train and promote this amazing technology. 

In the ensuing years, PDA has expanded its reach to include thick-film high performance elastomers as well as still being the leading voice of polyurea technology.  By adding adjacent technologies like urethanes and hybrids that have similar uses, as well as related primers and topcoats, PDA has become a clearinghouse for applicators, formulators, raw material companies and others involved in our industry.

For more than a decade, PDA has strived to advance and promote the market for polyurea and polyurethane elastomeric technologies by leveraging the shared knowledge of our members.

The Mission of PDA

PDA focuses on education and the correct application of polyurea product(s).

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