2017 Conference Presentations (New Orleans, LA)

John Becker, Creative Material Technologies, Ltd. 
Bringing Nanotechnology to Polyurea for Enhanced Properties, Faster Installations and Cost-Savings
Leslie Shiner, The Shiner Group 
Better Job Costing and Labor Controls to Increase Profit 

Dr. Richard Dominguez 
A History of Polyurea  

Dr. Robert Fry, Fry Economics, LLC
Economic Update 

Murph Mahaffey, Polyurethane Machinery Corporation
Polyurea, Foam and Flowers- A Job Profile on Energy Efficient Green Roofing and LEED Compliance  

Rich Franklin, Oak Ridge Foam and Coating Systems, Inc. 
For Every Unique Project There Is a Successful Resolution

Al Perez, Texas High Energy Materials, LLC
Spray Applications for Government Projects

Michael Damiano, SSPC
SSPC Standards for Polyurea: A Closer Look at PA 14 and PAINT 45 

Alex Novas, OSHA
Regulation Directions Under the New Administration