We offer a variety of educational and reference materials associated with the polyurea industry. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding products, standards, or manuals you would like us to carry please send an email to info@pda-online.org

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Combo Pack Guidelines & Terms $45 $70
Polyurea Elastomeric Coating/Lining Guidelines ? $20 $30
Polyurea Elastomeric Joint Sealant/Filler Systems ? $20 $30
Glossary of Terms $20 $30
Pure Polyurea Stickers ? $20 $40
6" x 6" full color durable decals - 50 per roll
These general guidelines have been developed to assist in the specifying of polyurea joint sealant systems. The information included will provide the specifier or applicator an understanding of how to apply these systems.
These general guidelines have been developed to assist in writing a specification for the use of Polyurea coating and Lining Systems in industrial application areas.