Spill Containment Solutions


Project Description

Spill Containment Solution
By Winston Gillies, Ace Dragon Coatings & Foam, Inc.

Our customer is a national oil field service company that needed a spill containment built inside a conex that was to have a pipe manifold system installed in it and shipped to the oil fields on the North Slope of Alaska.

The conex had been used with an air compressor and had oil stains in the wood floor. Our options were to lay down another layer of plywood or to cover the floor with Geo-Fabric and apply a chemical resistant polyurea.

We chose to go with the Geo-Fabric and use HT-100 from SPI. We were dealing with several different bosses and two different shifts of people and as we finished with our normal color for spill containments, sand colored polyurea, one boss wanted a black color and a none skid surface.

So, what do you do when you are working on your first project with a customer that should have several more jobs for you? You give them what they want.

We had some black Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) from SPI, so we wiped down the sand colored HT-100 with prep-wipe and sprayed a thin layer of FMJ over the floor, did the normal truck bed liner texture, but I did not think that was rough enough for their service since they will have snow and ice on floor at times, so we broadcast sand on to the floor and sprayed the sand to lock it in to the floor. 

Supplier and Formulator: Specialty Products Inc.
Contractor: Ace Dragon Coatings & Foam, Inc. was acting under our Alaskan Lic. as a Specialty Contractor.
Products used: The HT-100 and the Full Metal Jacket both are aromatic.
Size of project: 20 ft long by 8 ft wide.
Duration of project: Two days of application
Note: The black colored Full Metal Jacket was only used to lock in the sand for none slip texture and to provide the color one desired after the real chemical containment polyurea was sprayed. 

Client: Not Available/Private