Lockwell - P530

Product Description
Lockwell P-530 100% pure polyurea composite system is specially designed for mid to high gloss and smooth finishing primarily for industrial and commercial flooring. Its delayed gel time (30–45 seconds) gives time for some self-levelling and to assist with filling voids and or cavities on the surface. P-530 slower gel allows maximum adhesion to lower profiled substrates when conditions limit the ability for aggressive blasting. P-530 has an extended window for cross linking of the top coat to achieve superior adhesion.

Lockwell P-530 is a highly flexible, 100% solid, aromatic, and two components pure polyurea with non-slip (when combined with a broadcast material), for excellent workability and finishing performance. Due to its high elongation property, P-530 can also be used for composite systems (geotextile overlay) for erosion control applications, coastal engineering and waste water treatment facilities (reduces solids accumulation).

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Francis Er