VolatileFree - VFI 3600

Product Description
VFI-3600 Liquid Applies Polyurethane Roofing Basecoat

VFI-3600 is a two component, aromatic polyurethane coating that can be batch mixed at an easy 1:1 by volume ratio, or sprayed for decking and roof projects. VFI-3600 offers good pot life and produces an elastomer with excellent impact and waterproofing properties. This product can be used for roof waterproofing basecoats where hail, impact and tear strengths are of high concern. 

VFI-3600 applications include:
                Sprayed basecoat for roof coating
                Rolled basecoat for roof coating
                Sealant for roof leaks
                Basecoat for VFI approved decking

VFI-3600 is intended to be topcoated with SEALGUARD VFI-990 SILICONE or a similar aliphatic, if a light/UV stable coating system is desired.

Gretchen Jones