2013 Conference Presentations (Las Vegas, NV)

Michael Osborne, Nukote Coating Systems International
Don Dancey, Innovative Painting & Waterproofing, Inc.
Kyle Flanagan, Freedom Chemical
Dan Bratys – PPG Industries
Dave Zielinski, Bayer Material Science, LLC
Clint Jones, 3M Company
Paul Wiggins and Sam Lane, Albemarle Corporation
David Li and David Alexander, Huntsman
Ron LoPresto, Rhino Linings
Nick Pagano – Graco, Inc.
Benny Abbott, Abbott Consulting and Coating Inspections
Jerry Pollard, Intech Equipment & Supply
John Bender, Diamond Liners
Alex Kugel, 3M Company
Polyurea Pavement Markings- History, Formulating and Application
Steven Reinstadtler, Bayer MaterialScience, LLC
Terry Pe, Line-X
Paul Henderson 
General Review of Flame Retarding Polyurea and Polyurea Hybrids and Various Test Involved
(presentation not approved for dissemination)
Michael Damiano, SSPC