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Rehabilitate Ellis Island Service Bridge and Ellis Island Paving
Description:  The Work consists of repairing, strengthening or replacing deteriorated portions of the existing bridge.  The work includes:  replace the entire decking systems; install a crutch bent; clean and paint all exposed portions of piles, bent caps, floor beams, and trusses; and install a concrete jacket on one sister pile; repairing existing lighting and electrical service; repairing existing guardrail system; and concrete repair and repointing at abutments on the service bridge.  Work also includes rehabilitation of the pave areas and site around the Power House with options to regrade, treat and stripe the gravel parking area and repave the approach drive to the bridge on the Ellis Island side. For more information, use this link.
Bid Deadline: Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Estimated Price Range:  $5 million - $10 million
Estimated Period of Performance:  March 2018 through December 2019