Course Reviews

John Becker, president of Creative Material Technologies, Ltd., and class participant, agreed that the topics covered went beyond any training class he's attended. "I've written training courses for my company, so I had a unique perspective," he said. "What works in the lab, or was designed to, may not work in the field. PDA's class bridges the gaps. The experience was invaluable. I would highly recommend it to a novice or an expert, not only for the level of experience of the instructors, but because the class brought together professionals from different parts of the industry and that interaction was profitable for the overall learning experience."

Don Dancey, President, Innovative Painting and Waterproofing, Inc. said, "Innovative has sent over a dozen employees for training since its inception. This has proven to be a valuable foundation tool allowing our expanding staff to blend in with existing crews seamlessly. If you’re a contractor and haven't had any training yet, you will never be able to understand its value."

David DeStefano, TQ3 of America, said: "I researched many of the different applicator courses with regards to polyurea and spray equipment. None of them were as thoroughly inclusive of the type of information I was seeking. The PDA course covered nearly every aspect from safety and surface prep to all components of the equipment and material. The class size was perfect allowing the course to be directed towards each person's specific needs. The class was a mix of individuals with all different backgrounds and locations which made for interesting conversations and discussions. I would totally recommend the course for anyone new to the industry or any veteran of the industry."

Winston Gillies of Ace Dragon Coatings & Foam, Inc., said: "When I went to a polyurea chemical vendor, and they refused to sell me their product unless I had a NACE III coating inspector that they could approve. The vendor finally came up with the idea for me to attend both the Basic and the Advanced PDA applicator classes, and that would qualify me to buy their polyurea tank lining. I was very interested in attaining more knowledge and happily agreed to this. You see, I spent 30 years as an industrial control/instrument technician and not a coater. I learned a long time ago, that you do not do anything important, unless you know how to do it correctly. I attended the PDA Basic and Advance Courses, and after successfully completing these two courses, I then felt that I would be successful applying polyurea."

PDA has continued offering this innovative new class around the country. "This is a significant advancement for PDA and our industry," said Dudley Primeaux, owner of Primeaux Associates, LLC, and former course instructor. "This class is the first of its kind to cover spray-applied polyureas so completely."

Pat Lauro; Lesco Restorations, Inc.; of Spartanburg, SC said: “It is the best applicator training class that I have attended in the 30 years I've been in the restoration business.”