The Polyurea Development Association (PDA) Planning Committee is currently reviewing potential presentations for the 2020 conference. This is a great opportunity to share your expertise with your industry peers! If you are interested in presenting, please let Meredith Carr, Executive Director, know about your presentation topic. 

Possible Session Presentations:
1.    Specifying Coatings for the Energy Industry: From an Architect/Engineer/Specifier on what they do to specify coatings
2.    Development of Coatings for the Oil Sands Industry
3.    Application of Spray Applied Coatings to help achieve LEED Certification
4.    New Applications for Thick, Film Elastomeric Coatings: Illustrate with pictures and explain them and the new application 
5.    Advancements in thin film aliphatic technology
6.    Jobs Gone Wrong: How to prepare for arbitration/mediation/litigation regarding a case involving design flaws, material failures or workmanship related issues. How do you handle a lien on real property or funds and what to do when a vendor files bankruptcy?
7.    Safety: Language barriers or age & accidents or confined space entry programs/permits or spotlights 
8.    Effective Selling: Do you really know your customer? Identify effective internal tools and controls resulting in the accumulation of corporate data needed to negotiate work.
9.    Regulatory Changes:  What impact has changes in local, state or federal regulatory requirements had on day to day operations?
10.    New Developments in Polyurea Coatings
11.    Fire retardant coatings:  Customer specifications
12.    Advances in Spray Equipment
13.    Importance of light stability in commercial/industrial applications
14.    Advancements and/or Importance of Primers and Proper substrate preparation for coating applications.
15.    How to improve your bottom line
16.    Correct Product Labeling According to MSDS and TDS Sheets
17.    Hazardous Waste: Correct Cleaning of Guns and Machines According to the EPA
18.    Best Practices Guidelines for Architectural Coatings
19.    Robotic Spray Technologies
20.    Polyure vs Polyurethane: chemical and field understanding